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Embracing Earthy Elegance: The Rise of Brown Eyelash Extensions in 2024
February 14, 2024 // Alisa Carrasco 

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and fashion, trends come and go with each passing season. However, some trends have a staying power that transcends time, capturing the hearts and imaginations of beauty enthusiasts around the globe. One such trend making waves in 2024 is the popularity of brown eyelash extensions.

Gone are the days when black lashes reigned supreme. In recent years, there has been a shift towards embracing more natural and earthy tones in beauty, and brown eyelash extensions perfectly encapsulate this aesthetic. From soft and subtle to bold and dramatic, brown lashes offer a versatility that appeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

So, what exactly is driving the craze for brown eyelash extensions in 2024? Let's delve into some of the reasons behind their popularity:

  1. Natural Look: In an era where authenticity is celebrated, many individuals are opting for beauty treatments that enhance their natural features rather than completely altering them. Brown eyelash extensions mimic the look of natural lashes, seamlessly blending with your existing hair color for a subtle yet striking enhancement.

  2. Softness and Warmth: Unlike black lashes, which can sometimes appear harsh or overly dramatic, brown lashes exude a sense of softness and warmth. They add depth and dimension to the eyes without overwhelming the rest of your features, making them perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

  3. Complementing All Skin Tones: One of the greatest appeals of brown eyelash extensions is their ability to complement a wide range of skin tones. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, there's a shade of brown that will beautifully enhance your eyes and flatter your complexion.

  4. Versatility: From classic brown to rich chocolate hues, the world of brown eyelash extensions offers a variety of shades to suit every preference. Whether you prefer a natural-looking enhancement or a more dramatic effect, there's a brown lash style to match your desired aesthetic.

  5. Low Maintenance: One of the biggest perks of eyelash extensions, in general, is their low maintenance nature. With brown lashes, you can wake up each morning looking effortlessly put together, eliminating the need for mascara or other eye makeup products.

  6. Timeless Appeal: While trends may come and go, the timeless appeal of brown eyelash extensions ensures that they'll remain a staple in the beauty industry for years to come. Whether you're a trendsetter or a classic beauty enthusiast, brown lashes offer a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

The rise of brown eyelash extensions in 2024 represents a shift towards embracing natural beauty and earthy aesthetics. With their versatility, softness, and ability to complement a wide range of skin tones, brown lashes have captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts around the world. Whether you're looking to enhance your everyday look or make a statement on a special occasion, brown eyelash extensions are a must-try trend for 2024 and beyond.

"Enhance Your Beauty Effortlessly: The Time-Saving and Natural Appeal of Eyelash Extensions"   
January 6, 2024 // Alisa Carrasco               

In the fast-paced world we live in, time has become an invaluable commodity. Juggling work, social commitments, and self-care can be challenging, but what if there was a beauty secret that not only saves you time but also enhances your natural beauty? Enter eyelash extensions – the game-changer in the world of beauty that offers both convenience and a naturally captivating look.

Time-Saving Beauty Routine:

One of the key benefits of eyelash extensions is the time they save in your daily beauty routine. Imagine waking up every morning with perfectly curled and voluminous lashes, eliminating the need for mascara and the time-consuming process of applying falsies. Eyelash extensions provide a hassle-free solution, allowing you to effortlessly look polished and put together, even on the busiest of days.

Natural-Looking Elegance:

Contrary to popular belief, eyelash extensions can achieve a stunning, natural-looking result. Skilled lash technicians carefully select extensions that complement your eye shape and facial features, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing lashes. The result is a subtle enhancement that adds depth and definition, without appearing overly dramatic or artificial.

Customization for Every Style:

Eyelash extensions are incredibly versatile, offering a range of lengths, thicknesses, and styles to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle, everyday look or desire a more dramatic and glamorous appearance, eyelash extensions can be tailored to meet your unique style and aesthetic preferences. This customization allows you to achieve the perfect balance between time-saving efficiency and a naturally beautiful look that suits your personality.

Low Maintenance, Long-Lasting Beauty:

One of the most appealing aspects of eyelash extensions is their low maintenance nature. Once applied by a skilled technician, they require minimal effort to maintain. Regular touch-ups are recommended to keep them looking fresh, but overall, the upkeep is far less time-consuming than other beauty routines. With proper care, eyelash extensions can last several weeks, making them a long-lasting investment in your beauty routine.


Eyelash extensions offer a revolutionary solution for those seeking a time-saving beauty routine without compromising on a natural and elegant look. Embrace the simplicity and allure of eyelash extensions and discover a newfound confidence in your effortlessly enhanced beauty. Say goodbye to the daily mascara struggle and hello to a more convenient, naturally beautiful you!


What lash services are available for men?

October 25, 2021 // Alisa Carrasco

It’s no surprise that long lashes accentuate the eyes.
More than ever, men are starting to partake in some of the amazing beauty trends that are available to accentuate eyelashes.
Lash lifts are one of the most  popular  services for men. Many men have a preference for the lash lift trend because it is subtle, but still gives  the appearance of length, and curl. Lash lifts also give the illusion of large eyes.
The men’s beauty and grooming industry has really taken off in recent years. Men are much more discerning when it comes to their beauty needs.
For men who care about their appearance, and want to take care of their lashes, there are some key steps.
The first step to healthy lashes is keeping them clean.
The best cleansers are oil-free and will not irritate the eyes. Look for cleansers that have natural moisturizers.
When cleansing, here are the steps you should take:
Wet your face with lukewarm water.
Put a small amount of cleanser into your  hands or fingers and rub them together to create lather.
Apply cleanser to face and eyes, focusing on lids and lashes. Massage gently.
Rinse with lukewarm water.
Pat dry.
If you are not blessed with long lashes, there are steps you can take that will encourage lash growth. One option is a quality lash serum. Lash serums are easy to apply and can be worked into your face-washing routine at the end of the day. After cleansing the eyes, simply swipe the serum across the lash line.
Anyone Can Have Long Lashes
Long lashes are for everyone, regardless of gender. There are so many options when it comes to taking care of your eyelashes and accentuating them, including lash serums, lifts and extensions.
 As always, you can call us to answer any further questions you may have or to book your appointment. We hope to see you soon!

The best beauty service for Spring 2021

March 22, 2021 // Alisa Carrasco

No eyelash curler, just your gorgeous natural set of eyelashes! With a lash lift and tint there is no need for an eyelash curler or mascara so that means no irritation to your eyes during allergy season.

A lash lift lasts six to eight weeks making them look longer and fuller. Lash Lift is one of our favorite services and it’s becoming one of the most popular. This technique utilizes lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift and curl your natural eyelashes, 


This is one of the most cost-effective lash treatments available.

You may not realize how long your eyelashes truly are until you try a Lash Lift treatment!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about lash lift's


A lash lift uses silicone pads to lift and curl, your own natural lashes to create a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look that will last you 6-8weeks.


Please come in makeup free.


Yes, a lash lift can complement other treatments such as lash growth serums. The procedure can  be applied to control the overly curly or straight lashes . This way, you can give your natural lashes a uniformed look.  A tint can also be applied during the lash lift treatment  to make your eyelashes appear darker.


No, A lash lift is not painful at all. During the procedure, you will need to keep your eyes closed. The entire procedure  takes around 45-60 minutes  depending if you opt to get your eyelashes tinted .


Yes, a lash lift is a  safe procedure, it does not damage your natural lashes . By having an experienced and skilled professional perform the procedure you will ensure that you get the best results.

We hope we answered all your lash lift questions! As always, you can call us to answer any further questions you may have or to book your appointment. We hope to see you soon!

Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes

September 28,2020 // Alisa Carrasco

It’s been 6 weeks or more since your last lash appointment, you miss your lash artist, and your lashes! We know how you feeling we miss you to, but we understand a in studio appointment might not be a possibility at this time. We have come up with the perfect solution, Designer Magnetic Lashes.

Designer  Magnetic Lashes are revolutionary strip lashes that are customized to you! We will design your perfect set of lashes thru a virtual appointment via FaceTime or Zoom. During your virtual appointment, we will determine which curl, lengths, and fullness best fits your eyes, facial features, and your personal preference. We will ship your lashes directly to your door. This lash are great for those who do not want a in studio appointment,  do not want to wear lashes every day or who want a dramatic look on top of their lash extensions.

The user applies a clear or black liquid eyeliner, close to the lash line. each strip has small magnets along the base that attach to the liquid eyeliner. The virtual appointment includes:

+ Luxury Virtual Lash Appointment via Facetime or Zoom

+ Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lash

+ Designer Eyeliner (Black or Clear)

+ Stainless Steel Rose Gold Applicator

These Custom Strip Lashes can last anywhere from 30-40 uses.

We will never stop loving lash extensions but we know there are other options that can be just as beautiful for our clients. 

How to take care of lash extensions.


Proper hygiene prevents premature lash shedding and preserves your lashes. Washing eyelids and lashes maintains the integrity of lashes by removing dirt, oil, and makeup. A cleansing ritual disrupts any bacteria and pollutants that can clog follicles. We recommend our multi-use, must-have TLC Cleanser, which delivers the best treatment and 3 in 1 formula for all-over cleansing.


You should avoid waterproof, water-resistant or oily products, including makeup and removers. We recommend:

Lash Affair Liquid Eyeliner Pen it contains a highly pigmented formula for long-lasting and safe wear. Available in black or brown, this pen’s fine tip applicator provides an easy, smooth and precise application.


Glamorous lashes require some upkeep!

Brush your lashes daily. Brushing your lashes in between fills helps make them look fuller and keeps your lash fans from closing. Make sure to be gentle, especially at the root, to keep the bases from lifting Plan to refill your lashes after 50% have shed and avoid reaching 40% extensions or less. Full sets typically last three to four weeks, so make sure that you properly care for your lashes, monitor retention and be mindful of the time in between fills when scheduling your next appointment. Depending on your shedding cycle you may need to come in earlier.


Sleeping on your back is the best way to preserve your lashes; however, if you’re a side or stomach sleeper, using a silk pillowcase will help the life of your lashes. Fibers in a traditional cotton pillowcase can snag and pull your extensions. Sleeping on silk, helps prevent premature shedding.

For added protection, slip on a beauty sleep mask to safeguard your lashes from rubbing.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to get the best lasting results for your beautiful lash extensions.


Will eyelash servic​es take over mascara?

November 10, 2019 // Alisa Carrasco

Mascara has always been the affordable, go-to makeup product for anyone wanting to create the illusion of full, long, dark lashes. On the other hand, lash artists and their clients know that lash services, such as extensions and lash lifts, are the most dependable methods for those who are serious about creating a hassle free , beautiful daily look.

Recently the Business of Fashion released a report delving into why mascara is seeing its first big sales drop in decades. One major reason may lie in consumers turning to lash treatments for longer-lasting lash effects.

Mascara is an $8.1 billion industry, growth is expected to slow over the next three years from 4% to 2%. Did you know that the product lines of many young, popular cosmetics companies, such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Huda Kand Kylie Jenner’s juggernaut, Kylie Cosmetics, do not feature mascara AT ALL

Lash treatments like lifts, extensions, and tinting are skyrocketing in popularity. The appeal lies in the fact that these treatments last for weeks and give clients a beautiful natural look without needing to apply product every day. It’s becoming a much more integrated part of the everyday women’s beauty routines. 52% of women in a recent survey reported that they visit a salon for an eyelash “extension or tinting” every four to six weeks?

People are willing to invest in lash lift or lash extensions, because they know it then makes their routine in the morning that much easier. So, is mascara going away? Maybe but with theses innovated lash services you will be able to have beautiful lashes everyday with out the hassle of applying makeup. 

Eyebrow Lamination Is A New Treatment Giving You Your Biggest Brows Ever

October 12, 2019 // Alisa Carrasco

Between microblading, tweezing, tinting and threading, there's a million different ways we can groom our eyebrows.

Now, there's a new kid on the block claiming to give you your biggest, fullest, eyebrows yet. We're talking about Eyebrow Lamination. Eyebrow lamination is the latest treatment promising you a set of supermodel brows.

It is a new trend in the brow industry and the best procedure for taming tough and unruly hairs as it sets them in place, so every hair lies in the same direction, giving a just-combed effect. It’s like a keratin treatment for your brows!

What should your eyebrows look like after lamination?

After the procedure, your eyebrows will look thicker, fuller, straighter and combed up into the ideal shape. They will look like the ultimate groomed, brushed up eyebrows.

How does eyebrow lamination work?

1.The treatment begins with a consultation to find the right shape and style for your face.

2. A gentle solution is applied to make the hair straight and flexible.

3. A hydrating serum is applied to hydrate the hair.

4. A natural-looking tint can be applied at this time.

5. Finally, a nourishing serum is applied.

The whole process takes around 50 minutes and lasts up to two months.

Who can get eyebrow lamination?

If you've have unruly eyebrows and don't want to spend time grooming them, or if you've have fine brows and want to give them the appearance of thicker, feathery arches, brow lamination is for you.


September 2, 2019 // Alisa Carrasco

By the time you get to bed, you're not thinking about your lashes. Without a second thought, you toss the covers aside and fall face first into the pillow.

But wait your lashes are screaming in agony as you toss and turn on your cotton pillow case , ripping them out one by one. You wake in the morning to find a lash graveyard on your pillowcase, and you wonder who's to blame. Is your lash artist , the environment? You wonder if you're not a good candidate for lashes. Then you look closer at your pillow and see the makeup you neglected to remove the night before, and then it hits you, "It's me! I did this! But how do I stop!?" Don't worry, there is hope. Here are some options for you.


Ideally, if you can manage to sleep on your back, that is the preferred position for all eyelash extension wearers. If you have to be on your side or stomach, then a silk pillow case is a great solution for you. The cotton fibers in your traditional pillowcase snag on lashes due to the dragging you experience as you wipe your face across the pillow.

This is why silk or silk blend pillows cases are recommended to lash clients and are also used for wrinkle prevention as they lessen the dragging factor on your skin and lashes while you sleep.


A beauty Sleep Domed Eye Mask

This mask is perfect for all lash clients. No matter what side you sleep on, it has indents over the eyes to avoid rubbing on your precious eyelash extensions. It also blocks out light to give you a longer, restful night of sleep.

By using one or both of these items, your lashes will feel safe and secured. And you won't have to worry about your lashes when you're too tired to care about anything but catching some sweet sleep. 

Lash Lift Vs Lash Extensions

July 14, 2019 // Alisa Carrasco

Which one’s better? At Lash Affair we love  ALL things lashes, so we truly believe  lash lifts and extensions are a great service. Both lash services are perfectly safe, maintain the health of your lashes, and ultimately help you cut down the time you need to get ready in the morning due to not needing mascara or lash curlers. But we also want you to have all the facts, so here is the pros and cons of both

 When it comes to customizing lashes for every client’s unique features, lash lifts have nothing on extensions. The sheer variety of lash styles means everyone can have a completely individualized set. Whether you want a more natural look or want to bring the drama, lash extensions can help you create it all!

 Lash lifts allow us to choose the size of the curl your lashes can handle, but they can not  be styled to enhance, or balance facial features the way extensions can. That doesn't mean lash lifts aren’t beautiful. A lash lift will curl your lashes, open up your eyes and last a lot longer than extensions.


Lash extensions can take 1.5-2 hours to apply depending on the type of lash set. With a lash lift lash you often be in and out of the studio  in about an hour.


While lash extensions can be applied in ways that look ultra-natural, lash lifts rely on what nature gave you. If your lashes are naturally thick, long, and  voluminous, lash lifts can appear nearly as dramatic as extensions, especially when paired with a lash tint to darken and define your lashes. Because it's your natural lashes being curled, you're free to use whatever eye makeup you wish. You get a  semi-permanent lift and curl while keeping your natural lashes damage-free. If your lashes are short, thin, and sparse, a lash lift won’t do much to change their appearance compared to a full, custom set of extensions.


Since lash extensions are placed on the natural lashes, they follow every client’s natural lash growth cycle, meaning that they fall out as the natural lash grows out. To maintain lash extensions, you should be coming back for a fill appointments every 2-4 weeks. Lash lift last 6-8 weeks.


It’s no secret that lash lifts tend to cost less than a set of lash extensions. Lash lifts are typically priced around $90 . Lash extensions will normally range between $275-350

Ultimately, which service you choose should depend entirely on your lashes, your style expectations, the time you have to maintain your lashes, and the price point you are comfortable with. Once you find the right lash treatment you  will be hooked. You will love how great your lashes look every day. Makeup will  takes only a couple of minutes because your face already looks done-up upon waking.


The Best Oil-Free Concealers for Eyelash Extensions

March 23, 2019 // Alisa Carrasco

You’ve been diligent in caring for your lashes—you brush and wash them daily but your lashes are popping off and you don’t know why. If this sounds like you, your beauty regime may be to blame. Oil-based products are your lashes worst enemy—and many moisturizers, eyeliners, foundations, and concealers are oil-based. Oils can break down adhesive bonds, causing extensions to pop off the natural lash.

To keep your lashes happy—we have found 3 extension-safe concealers

Nars soft matte complete 

This concealer has an oil-free formula that is silky smooth. The light, buildable formula goes on easily and is pigmented enough to hide dark circles and blemishes. It comes in 16 shades. The soft matte finish leaves your skin looking soft and natural

Too Faced Born This Way

The oil-free formula gives full coverage, easily hiding dark circles and blemishes. Formulated with hydrating coconut water, this liquid concealer manages to stay smooth on dry skin, and still provide a velvety finish on oily complexions. It comes in 16 shades.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof 

Tarte describes this as a full-coverage concealer. It has a beautifully light, creamy consistency that feels more like a tinted moisturizer. This finish is dewy, with no hint of caking or chalkiness. It has the perfect amount of pigment to conceal under-eye circles while still looking natural. It is also waterproof!

It comes in ten shades. 

Maintaining a beautiful set of lashes doesn’t mean compromising the things you love about your cosmetics. These oil-free concealers still delivers on hydration, coverage, and finish—all without compromising your lashes.

3 Lash Protection Tips for Winter Weather

You have chosen to invest in or pamper yourself with beautiful eye lash extensions. Winter time can be​ enjoyable, whether we choose to ski, relax by a warm fire or cuddling with your loved ones. Fact is, cold weather can be harsh on your lashes.

Let's protect those lashes!

February 23, 2019 // Alisa Carrasco

#1 Avoid Using Oil-Based Eye Make-Up

Oil-based make-up can interfere with the adhesive bond of your lash extensions. Oil-based eye products and cream-based eyeliners are often hard to wipe off, which can cause a snag or even pull out lash extensions. To avoid this, use products like liquid eyeliner and powder-based eyeshadows. These products are long-lasting, easy to take off, and most importantly, extension-safe.

#2 Cleanse Daily

Exposure to winter elements like wind and snow can destroy extensions and irritate the skin, making it crucial to cleanse with TLC 3-In-1 Cleanser. Cleansing the lashes is important to keep makeup and oil away from breaking down the adhesive bond on the extensions. This 3-in-1 cleanser will remove makeup and any other debris from the skin and lashes.

#3 Cleanse Lashes After Being in the Hot Tub, Sauna, and Steam Room

What better way to relax then being in a hot tub, sauna or steam room. However, you will also be exposed to germs, debris and other pollutants. Be sure to cleanse your lashes after each use.  

These tips will ensure that your beautiful lash extensions last as long as possible.

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